Elrond Delegation Manager Tutorial by Istari Vision

Since the Elrond Network Mainnet will be upgraded in the coming days, we want to provide you a simple guide how to use the Delegation Manager and how you can test everything in advance!

We have provided access to the Delegation Manager via our website on the Elrond Testnet.

You can easily join and play with the tools, by following below guide.

1. Create a wallet on the Elrond Testnet

Go to https://testnet-wallet.elrond.com/

Click on „Create Wallet“

Tick both boxes and continue.

Write down all 24 seed words in the exact order and tick the box to confirm.

Click „Create Wallet“.

Enter three of the 24 seed words in the surprise quiz as indicated.

Click „continue“.

Now create a strong password, confirm it and click on continue.

It must have at least 8 character, an uppercase letter, a symbol and a number!

Click „Continue“.

You have created your wallet and the json-file has been downloaded automatically (Check Download folder).

Now please click on „Access Wallet“.

Select the json file and enter your password, then click „Access Wallet“.

Copy your address from the top or click „Receive“.

Provide your wallet address to one of the admins in Telegram:


You will be sent some test xEGLD so you can play and test for yourself.

After you have received your xEGLD Testnet Token you can visit the Istari Vision Testnet Delegation Manager:


Click on “Wallet”.

You will be re-directed to: https://testnet-wallet.elrond.com/unlock/keystore

Upload your json file and enter your password, then click „Access Wallet“

Once you are logged in you can see:

  • size of the contract
  • Number of users
  • Number of nodes
  • Computed APR
  • Service Fee
  • Delegation cap (if set)

You can start delegating by clicking the button „Delegate“

You can then enter the desired amount of xEGLD you want to delegate by clicking continue.

You may be redirected for a Security check to re-enter your password.

Please do so and move forward by clicking „Access Wallet“.

Another window will appear where you are asked to confirm the action.

Please double-check the amount of xEGLD, Data value „delegate“ and the Smart Contract shown at „To“ which is the same as shown in Delegation Manager.

  • After two blocks your transaction will be confirmed.
  • Your Transaction hash is shown for your record.

Once the transaction is successful, you will be redirected to the Delegation Manager and your Active Delegation will be shown.

Once you are done you have two buttons appearing on the right.

  • Delegate
  • Undelegate

You can of course add more tokens to your Delegation as well as undelegate your stake.

We hope you find this tutorial useful and are happy to answer any further questions.

Feel free to visit us:





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