Fire in data center Strasbourg, France

Istari Vision
2 min readMar 10, 2021


Elrond nodes secured thanks to disaster recovery measures.

Tonight, a fire occurred in one of our data centers in France.

Fortunately, no persons were injured or endangered.

A fire destroyed the SBG-2 data center of our partner OVH in Strasbourg. Firefighters are still on site and many services are still disrupted.

A fire at a facility owned by French cloud provider OVH apparently destroyed an entire data center Wednesday night and at least partially destroyed another. According to the company’s founder Octave Klaba, the data center SBG-2 and, in addition, at least parts of SBG-1 were on fire. Although the fire has been extinguished in the meantime, it is still not possible to enter the site in Strasbourg, he said. The four data centers SBG-1, SBG-2, SBG-3 and SBG-4 would not be restarted on Wednesday.

Due to the actions of our technical support team, the situation was quickly brought under control. The performance of our servers responsible for the operation of the Elrond Blockchain were able to continue their operations immediately.

We regret the losses of our partner OVH and their customers affected by this incident.

However, we are equally pleased that our precautions for a highly available infrastructure to secure the Elrond Blockchain have now been proven. Our measures were successfully tested today and have literally survived their baptism of fire.

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