Istari Vision expands its reach and moves to the European Crypto Valley

Traditionally, Switzerland is characterized by financial security, strict data protection laws and a pragmatic regulatory approach. On this basis, it has become a dynamic starting point for new business ideas around distributed ledger technology (DLT), e.g. in the field of blockchain, in recent years.

Due to the pragmatic, business-friendly attitude of its authorities, Switzerland is the perfect location for the development of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies for new global applications in a tokenized economy.

With its high density of company headquarters and a well-established blockchain-enabled ecosystem, it offers a collaborative network and the legal certainty needed to launch blockchain-based applications for a wide range of industries. Switzerland creates conditions for innovation while providing a reliable regulatory environment.

Originally originating in the city of Zug, “Crypto Valley” has made a name for itself worldwide as a catalyst for new ventures in the blockchain sector.

For this reason, we are pursuing the approach of further expanding our network in the DACH region by founding our company in the Swiss canton of Zug. The local conditions are optimal for a company that operates in the fast-growing Blockchain sector.

“Our mission is to expand the knowledge and experience of our team and partners in the field of blockchain technology by not only being an infrastructure provider for one of the most advanced proof-of-stake networks, but also to expand our competencies and resources in a targeted way and to conduct research and development in this environment in the future.” Says Wolfgang Rückerl, CEO & Founder of Istari Vision.

We believe in the ability of blockchain technology to create safer, fairer and functioning societies around the globe. We are positioned for strong tailwinds and widespread adoption.

It’s time to build. It’s time to grow. And perhaps the best time to be alive.

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