Istari Vision’s value proposition for the Elrond ecosystem.

Elrond Staking Phase 3

The Elrond Network is live since July 30, 2020, open source and setting new standards in terms of performance of a blockchain. In addition, the Elrond DeFi 2.0 module will be released in April 2021, alongside a range of financial microservices.

These modules will enable nations, institutions, banks, and individuals worldwide to access a new financial economy at Internet scale.

The following points are intended to explain what the exact process will be:

  • Our staking pool will be activated starting March 22, 2021 (exact time to be announced).
  • Delegators will be able to delegate their $EGLD via the web wallet (, the Maiar app, and also via the Delegation Manager at
  • As of March 22, the number of validator nodes will increase from 2169 to 3200.
  • The additional nodes will be activated and start earning on April 5, 2021.

A so called staking pool is a combination of a system delegation smart contract, the associated nodes and the delegated EGLD tokens. For the time being, the base stake remains at 2,500 tokens, as before, and will be able to be increased by top-up in the future.

This will also allow future EGLD investors to create their tokens and help secure the network.

Important to all delegators:

  • We never have access or control over the delegated tokens
  • The delegated EGLD are secured by the Elrond protocol and cannot be maliciously or negligently influenced by us.

As of March 22nd, all delegators will have the ability to delegate their tokens to us via the above means. We have already created the appropriate infrastructure for this and the populated nodes will be enrolled via Validator waitlist and automatically activated as soon as Elrond enables the function on the mainnet. Starting April 5, 2021, all rewards will be automatically distributed on a daily basis.

Please refer to the following article for delegator tips:


Istari Vision has been working with Elrond Network for over three years. We have been with the project from the beginning and continue to actively participate in the test and developer network to evaluate future features before they go live.


Elrond Network has the strongest community in the crypto space. We are proud to have helped build this community over the past few years. Our close contact with the core team allows us to communicate important information in a timely and transparent manner.

We are always available via popular social media to answer questions.

Contact us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram or by email.


Running a highly available infrastructure means corresponding expense.

Unfortunately we had to witness the worst-case scenario on March 10, 2021: the fire at a datacenter in Strasbourg, France.

However, this event showed that our team and infrastructure are perfectly prepared and the security of the Elrond Blockchain was not in danger at any time.

You can be sure that even in cases like this, your daily rewards will continue to arrive in your account.

Growth — Vision and Mission

Together with Elrond, we have big goals. That is why we guarantee to reinvest 100% of the service fees, minus expenses. We see our mission in further developing the Elrond ecosystem to create global adoption so that every participant will benefit in the long run. This includes the development of applications, platforms, interfaces and partnerships.

Be part of this mission & grow with us!

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