Istari Vision’s value proposition for the Elrond ecosystem.

Towards full decentralization

  • Our staking pool will be activated starting March 22, 2021 (exact time to be announced).
  • Delegators will be able to delegate their $EGLD via the web wallet (, the Maiar app, and also via the Delegation Manager at
  • As of March 22, the number of validator nodes will increase from 2169 to 3200.
  • The additional nodes will be activated and start earning on April 5, 2021.
  • We never have access or control over the delegated tokens
  • The delegated EGLD are secured by the Elrond protocol and cannot be maliciously or negligently influenced by us.

Our value proposition

For more information, please visit us:

Trusted Staking-as-a-Service Provider

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Istari Vision

Istari Vision

Trusted Staking-as-a-Service Provider

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