Kickstarting the Istari Vision hypergrowth with staking limit upgrade

A step forward towards global adoption

Introduction (What has changed)

As of today Istari Vision is pleased to announce that we are increasing our delegation cap to unlimited in order to adjust to the ever growing demand for staking on Elrond Network.

Reasoning (why was the change made)

The main reason for this change is aligning ourselves with the Elrond ethos, that has always been about fair access and mass adoption. Both can’t happen without offering the same opportunities in every part of the network, including staking, to every community member who wishes to take part of the Elrond journey.

Evolution (What to expect in the future)

Elrond network is constantly evolving and as we approach Phase 4 of the mainnet upgrade the network will accelerate the decentralization process even more. As more nodes become available to staking providers, we at Istari Vision, will be prepared anytime to kickstart more nodes due to the current change in delegation cap, that offers us the capacity in $EGLD to do so.

For more information, please visit us:

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