Maiar Exchange and Maiar Launchpad: This Elrond Partners could launch their own ESDT-Token

The Elrond ecosystem is growing at an unequaled pace. Within a week, both a decentralized exchange and a dedicated project launchpad were announced. Along with the Maiar smartphone wallet launched in January, these are two more key components of the Elrond DeFi 2.0 Module and the advancement of an era of autonomous banking.

While each component of the DeFi 2.0 module alone, by its scope, could employ entire blockchain teams, the Elrond team is working diligently to make each component faster, simpler, and more user-friendly. All with the goal of building a comprehensive, cohesive digital ecosystem.

Maiar Exchange & Maiar Launchpad

The in-house decentralized exchange ‘Maiar Exchange’ will be the game changer in terms of fast and low-cost asset swaps on the blockchain.

“The ability of any kind of value to become digital, liquid, instantly, and globally tradeable will give the world economy superpowers. Literally.

It is therefore immediately obvious that the underlying infrastructure, powering value exchange, becomes critical infrastructure for the 21st century.

The rapid evolution from stock markets, to centralized exchanges, to decentralized exchanges, powered by automated market makers, paves the way for a significant global improvement.”
Beniamin Mincu, Elrond CEO

With the Maiar Launchpad, ambitious teams leveraging Elrond’s powerful technology will be able to launch their own token (in the form of an Decentralized Token Offering) on the Elrond blockchain.

“The Maiar Launchpad will be the ultimate catalyst for new technologies and unique products built with Elrond tech.

Projects debuting on the Maiar Launchpad will tap into decentralized funding from the platform and will be introduced to our global and passionate community, partners, and investors, along with the broader Elrond ecosystem.”
Beniamin Mincu, Elrond CEO

Tokenization of digital assets requires a token standard. For this Elrond build the ESDT standard.

Why ESDT? Custom tokens with native speed and scalability, without ERC20.

The Elrond network supports issuing custom tokens without the need for smart contracts like ERC20, addressing the same use cases. Because of the native in-protocol support, transactions with custom tokens do not require the VM (virtual machine) at all. In effect, this means that custom tokens are as fast and scalable as the native eGLD token itself.

Technically, the balances of ESDT tokens held by an account are stored directly under that account. This also means that an account holding eGold can hold balances of any number of custom ESDT tokens.

ESDT tokens can be issued, owned, and held by any account on the Elrond network, which means that the same functionality is available to both users and smart contracts.

The account that made the request to issue a custom token automatically becomes the manager of the token.

The manager of a token has the ability to manage the properties, overall supply, and availability of a token. Because smart contracts are also accounts, they have the same capabilities and dispositions as a token manager. They can also be configured with the multi-sig features developed by the Elrond team to ensure that control is decentralized.

All of these aspects, the technical realities and managerial capabilities, are extremely beneficial for developers and projects looking to launch their own token.

The chart below shows Elrond partners that would benefit extremely from an ESDT token launch. Not only because of the technical realities, but the, resulting from these, growing acceptance and attention that the Elrond platform and its products attract. The number of all Elrond accounts has already passed the half million mark and is growing every day.

Listed on Maiar Exchange or launched on the Maiar Launchpad brings

  • Attention and support from the global Elrond community,
  • Trading volume on the most advanced DEX,
  • compatibility with the Maiar mobile wallet, and
  • possible integrations with yet to follow components of the Elrond DeFi 2.0 module.


Elrond is building the fastest, cheapest, and most user-friendly financial ecosystem in the world. Elrond-native tokens have all the features of eGolds and are also freely configurable by the issuer. They are compatible with Elrond wallets (browser and smartphone app) where they can be held, sent and traded on Maiar.Exchange.

Do you want to issue an ESDT token for your project in addition to your ERC-20 or are you considering putting your product on the Elrond blockchain?

Istari Vision is an official Elrond partner and can help you get your ideas onto the world’s most advanced blockchain. Contact us today and we will help you get your business concept blockchain ready.

For more information, please visit us:



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